Usually we start sleepwalking after we go deep sleep, and children are more likely to sleepwalking than adults, but the exact reason is still unclear.

A research team studied a family with a history of sleepwalking and pointed out that the missing gene of sleepwalking may be on the 20th pair.

Dream trivia:Why do some people sleepwalking?
Dream trivia:Why do some people sleepwalking?

However, some sleepwalking patients have no family history at all. The current research has found a variety of key triggering sleepwalking, such as lack of sleep, stress and high temperature; tranquilizers or alcohol may also make some people sleepwalking

Some people simply stand up and walk around during deep sleep. It is rumored that people who can’t wake up sleepwalking can be called, but this is actually a rumor. If they don’t wake them up, they may be injured while walking around in sleepwalking. If possible, it is best to take them back to bed.

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Sleepwalking is terrible