Spring is easy to get bored. This is a common thing. However, if you want to fundamentally alleviate spring fever, it is impossible to sleep alone. Exercise is the most effective way to dispel the spring sleep. 30 minutes of exercise a day can improve the quality of sleep. No longer easy to sleep after waking up

Spring trivia::Spring fever can't sleep more
Spring trivia::Spring fever can’t sleep more

Sleeping 15 minutes a day will make you feel refreshed after getting up the next day. At the same time, you should also pay attention to arrange your work as reasonably as possible. Don’t let the work occupy the night’s sleep time and let the next day be sleepy.

Lack of energy can also make people sleepy, so three meals must be regular, food to be comprehensive nutrition, such as drinking more glutinous rice jujube porridge will also help us to get rid of the spring storm, the ultimate solution for spring fever is to move.

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