When we see jokes or humorous stories, we often laugh at ourselves. This behavior is essentially the result of brain processing of information. So, how does the brain judge whether we see a normal sentence or a joke? ?

Joke trivia:How does the brain interpret jokes?
Joke trivia:How does the brain interpret jokes?

First, some of the nerves buried in the gray matter of the brain are connected into a network, and quickly collect all kinds of information, let us comprehend this joke. The humorous events and jokes we have experienced have made our network stronger every time, because the brain has expanded and new connections have emerged.

In addition, the brain has a “smile center” located in the right frontal lobe in front of the brain. It is this position that makes us feel humorous and laugh. After we heard a joke, the brain sent it to the area to assess whether it was fun and whether it was worth laughing.

As a result, our brains are convinced that when they are experiencing a true sense of humor, they release a pleasant chemical, dopamine, which creates a feeling of excitement or pleasure.

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