A major core part of human medical physiology is the reintegration. It studies and tells about the functions of all organs and four branches of human beings. The more applied, the faster the evolution, the more developed, and the more organs, because they do not adapt to changes in natural conditions. , has been degraded and shrunk. As the saying goes, the fee is refunded. It can be seen that the finger of each person is the most sensitive. From the perspective of touch and application, the most commonly used index finger is based on the fact that the most common combination of the palms in the first hand is the thumb and the index finger. Hold the general object, not the thumb and other fingers; if it is touch, it is most likely to reach out and touch with a finger that the average person most often stretches out to try or perceive an unknown object; The firing, etc., that is also the index finger, such examples can be cited in many ways.

Sensitive trivia:The most sensitive finger of humans?
Sensitive trivia:The most sensitive finger of humans?

For this reason, the index finger is the most used in terms of touch, and the more use and exercise it gets, so its sensitivity should be the strongest.

From the distribution data of nerve points such as thermal sensitivity, coolness, pain and itching, the data of relevant proofs should also be found to demonstrate and explain.

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