In fact, I am looking at the reaction of the surrounding people to the blonde, and I want to verify whether the man really prefers the blonde.

Marilyn Monroe starred in a well-known song and dance film “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”, in which she sang the famous “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend Diamond is the best girl.” Friends, it seems that “gentlemen prefer blondes men prefer blondes” is a generally accepted fact. A 1992 survey also showed that 39% of American university girls surveyed said they wanted their hair to be golden, while 84% of them thought that men preferred blondes.

Like trivia:Why do you want to stare at the blonde?
Like trivia:Why do you want to stare at the blonde?

From my personal search results of related literature, this matter is not so simple. Whether a man prefers and how he prefers a blonde is related to many factors, such as the age of the male being tested and the color of the hair. It is also related to the method used in the test, such as taking blondes and brunettes. There are still more hair colors to choose from and so on.

But combined with the results of these surveys in general, men do more or less think that women with blond hair are more attractive than women with other colors. Some studies have also found that the person who least likes blondes is a woman with other color hairs (not too surprised).

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