The human brain is really a magical thing. I still remember reading a popular science book before, saying that our brains are actually only developed and even 1% are not available. If all are developed, the consequences are really unimaginable. Then, for us ordinary people, the memory of the brain is limited. Many people before the age of three can’t remember when they grow up. The old man’s explanation is that before the age of 3, you can see a lot of things that ordinary people can’t see. After the age of 3, the eyes are closed, and naturally they will all forget. So what is the truth of the facts?

Brain trivia:Why can't you remember what happened before the age of 3?
Brain trivia:Why can’t you remember what happened before the age of 3?

As the 21st century, we will never be as superstitious as they are. Well, on this issue, scientists are said to have made new discoveries. First, at a very young age, the development of the brain is still incomplete. Many children’s skulls are not fully closed. Although there is nothing in the shape, in fact, at that time our brain was only a quarter of our adult, about 300 grams. For this explanation, some netizens said they could not believe it!

Scientists say that the development of the brain is mainly affected by neurons and the nervous system, so even at that time, your memory is superior. But in the later stages, the brain will not be able to withstand the load that was praised before, because it will continue to develop, and may choose to clear some memories. Just like our mobile phone card, the need to clean up the cache is the same. Therefore, there is a state of confusion in adulthood for the memory of the age of three.

However, this is not absolute. Some people can still remember the things before the age of 3, are you?

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