On Sunday, November 1, 1954, Rosa Dainelli was walking along a footpath through fields and thickets on her way from her house to the nearby town of Cennina, Italy, where she planned to place a handful of carnations at the altar of the Madonna Pellegrina [the ‘Pilgrim Madonna’]. It was a path she used almost daily, and an area very familiar to her… until she entered a small clearing and found some sort of vehicle in the middle of it.

The object was only about seven feet tall, and looked like two tall cones connected together at their large ends, like a round diamond shape… it stood on three small legs, and had an opening in the side that revealed two small chairs. As Rosa was just starting to wonder about this object, two tiny men — only three feet tall or so each — walked around from the opposite side of it to approach her in a friendly fashion.

Strange encounters trivia:Space Cone
Strange encounters trivia:Space Cone

The two looked mostly human; but their size and an odd curve in the center of their lips showed they were not. Both wore one-piece gray overalls that covered them from their necks to their feet, and each wore a short cape. They also had odd helmets that covered their ears. The two short men tried to talk to Dainelli, but she didn’t understand the language they were using. They snatched some carnations from her and dropped them inside the craft. Then one of them reached inside and brought out two white spheres… and Dainelli took the opportunity to run from the scene. When she looked back over her shoulder at them, they had vanished.

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