It was a Sunday around 2:00 PM in Casa Blanca, California, and a large group of boys were playing in a yard in front of one of their houses, when they noticed the first strange object in the sky above them. Soon others appear, and disappeared with a musical ‘ping,’ putting on a show the boys thought was fun… but anytime they tried to get one of the adults in the house to look, everything vanished. So it was just for them to see, and they soon accepted this.

One of the objects, multi-colored and bright, landed about half a block away in a field. Then two of the older boys saw a strange thing in front of the house next door; it was about three and a half feet tall, floating above the ground, and transparent enough that they could see the brickwork of the house through the thing’s body. It wore a belt with a round disk that glimmered like a mirror. The creature appeared to have eyes and a mouth, but across the area a nose would be there were four round objects that shined like diamonds. Another boy saw just an arm hanging alone in midair, beckoning him to come closer.

Strange encounters trivia:Four Legs and
Strange encounters trivia:Four Legs and

Then another full being emerged from the landed craft, also floating above the ground but much more solid looking than the previous. This one appeared to be wearing a satin-like material… and it had four legs and four hands, each of its arms splitting in two at the elbow. This being somehow ‘talked’ to one of the boys, telling him to climb a nearby tree so he could be picked up in fifteen minutes. Using a hose, the older kids kept the younger ones out of the tree… and fifteen minutes later one of the strange objects flew around the top of the tree before all of the objects disappeared for the last time.

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