In the vast virgin forests of the Amazon, there are many relatively primitive tribes. Some of these tribes have had extensive communication with modern people, and some are still in the primitive life of slash and burn. Oulu Ugaou is only a member of an unknown tribe. Like other villagers, he is accompanied by jungle beasts all day, and also fights the indigenous people next door. The strange incident that happened to him is to him. For my part, it didn’t feel so magical.

According to the same villagers, during a battle with the villagers next door, Oulu was unfortunately pierced by a spear. I may mention this. The first question for many friends is whether the piercing left or right, but Oru could not stop bleeding on the spot, and fainted to the ground. The locals felt that he was dead, but only pulled out symbolically. Spear coated with hemostatic herbs. What happened was that within a few days, Oulu was able to walk down the road normally, and after that, he claimed that he could no longer feel the pain, and walked like a normal person, and did not get hurt at all.

Undead trivia:People who can't die in the world
Undead trivia:People who can’t die in the world

And what happened during a hunt in the forest made others confirm that he was different. When Oulu went hunting with the clan once, he encountered a black bear. He tried his best to kill the black bear. Although he finally killed the black bear, he himself was covered with blood. The locals described him as “the flesh on his body.” No place is good. ” Even so, after Oulu fell asleep, the wound on his body completely disappeared, and he didn’t feel any discomfort.

The experience of Oulu Ugaou soon spread, and it also attracted the attention of scientists. A scientist and three anthropologists from Sweden went deep into the Amazon forest to observe Oru Ugao. What they observed was that Oulu could quickly retreat from high fever in a few minutes, and some wounds that were very fatal to us, he could be completely cured overnight. And what scientists want to take him back to verify is the most confrontational.

Oulu flew to Rio de Janeiro with his party. On the way, Oulu was so excited that he looked at the smaller and smaller scenes and asked questions, and finally jumped off the plane directly. Several scientists regretted it, and quickly stopped the plane. Who knew that the next day Oulu appeared in front of everyone innocently, but the corners of his eyes were slightly injured. Search, hoping to bring his body back for research.

Since then, the scientist has not announced it, and the editor has not found any follow-up information related to Oulu Ugaou. I don’t know what his later experience is. However, according to the information inquired, Oulu Ugaou does have someone, just his “undead” secret. No one has been able to explain it perfectly. So what do you think of the mysterious “Undead” Oulu Ugao? What do you think is the secret of his immortality? With such a magical self-healing ability, will he be taken to transform into Wolverine?

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