For some time in Spain, maps of human flesh were also produced.

Human minced meat mango tartare. Human tenderloin with cider. These are just some of the recipes contained within “To Eat or Be Eaten – A Guide to Cannibalism.” Cascos Chamizo’s work contains handy charts for butchering humans, pages of stats justifying cannibalism, and of course, recipes. The work navigates which pieces should be avoided – for lack of nutrition or their potential health risks.

Cannibal Trivia:Spanish cannibal atlas
Cannibal Trivia:Spanish cannibal atlas

Spanish-born Chamizo is not a cannibal – just a conceptual artist. The project is not about promoting man-eating – but, in his own words, “exploring global issues like lack of resources, overpopulation, and issues around consumerism.” Cannibalism elicits powerful emotions and people become engaged. Chamizo’s recipes are real. They come from experimenting with animal cuts that resemble what could be harvested from a human. Interestingly enough, most western countries do not have a ban on the consumption of human meat.

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