Demon police specialises in cooking girls’ bodies, eventually arrested for abducting, torture and eating female victims

In 2013, New York police officer Gilberto Valle was arrested for plotting to kidnap, torture, and eat female victims. The “Cannibal Cop” searched terms like “human meat recipes” and “how to cook a girl.” The manhunt for Valle’s co-conspirators became an international affair. Dale Bollinger, a nurse from Canterbury, England, was arrested by authorities soon after. Using the screen name “MeatMarketMan,” Bollinger described eating multiple females, the pork-like taste of human flesh, and even provided a recipe for human haggis using heart and lungs. Apparently, feet are his favorite delicacy.

Cannibal trivia: someone who eats girls' bodies exclusively
Cannibal trivia: someone who eats girls’ bodies exclusively

The saga of the “ Cannibal Cop” posed an interesting question: can we be found guilty of fantasy? Valle claims he was merely providing stories for the online community of “vores.” Short for “carnivore,” vore is actually a common fetish. On Dogpile’s list of top 100 porn search terms, “vore” came in at #85 – just below “small tits” and slightly above “clown.”

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