Cook humans like pigs in an oven made from leaves and hot river rocks. However, they soon pointed out that human meat is more like a cassowary than pigs.

In 2006, Australian journalist Paul Rafaele became the first white man to travel beyond the pacification line of Indonessian Papua New Guinea. He ventured into the territory of cannibalistic members of the Korowai Tribe. According to the Korowai, they do not eat people – they eat khakhua. These parasitic spirts possess the body of a man – never a woman – and slowly devours their host from the inside out. They must eat the khakhua – just as it ate the human it took over. The Korowai are big on revenge.

Cannibal Trivia:Banana Leaves & Hot Rocks
Cannibal Trivia:Banana Leaves & Hot Rocks

Korowai cook humans like hogs – in ovens made of leaves and hot river rocks. However, they are quick to point out that human flesh tastes more like cassowary than pig. The individual parts are wrapped in banana leaves and given out to the clan. The head belongs to the family that killed the khakua. They eat every except the hair, nails, and penis. Children are strictly forbidden from participating. Khakua are too strong for the young.

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