In the world of Brazil, there is a national Warri who eats the flesh of his enemies and relatives. Let ’s talk about this tribe with 3trivia.

The Wari’ of Brazil eat both the flesh of their enemies and their loved ones. However, they do not consider themselves cannibals. This tribe long lived in isolation from the outside world. Wari’ interactions with outsiders – or wijam – were hostile. The Wari’ did not considered wijam people. The Wari’ eat the flesh of their dead as part of complex funerary rites depicting their worldview.

Cannibal Trivia:Roasted Maize Cakes & Rotten Flesh
Cannibal Trivia:Roasted Maize Cakes & Rotten Flesh

The Wari’ do not relish consuming their dead. They allow the body to rot for two to three days. It was then cut up and grilled. Once ready, the meat was shredded and placed on a woven mat next to roasted maize cakes. The flesh is consumed with sticks – contact with the fingers is taboo. The rotten state exaggerates the unpleasantness. Occasionally the bones were macerated and consumed with honey. The Wari’ consider burying loved ones and allowing them to rot to be as taboo.

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