Two Indian brothers excavated the grave to find the body to make the body curry. Too shocked

In Pakistan’s Bhakkar district, two brothers were arrested for digging up the grave of a 24-year-old woman and cooking her in a curry. Farman Ali and Arif Ali were arrested after the grave of Saira Parveen was discovered empty just two days after her funeral. An investigation led to the brothers’ house, where police discovered the remains of Parveen, along with the partially consumed body of a four-year-old girl. The brothers were charged with desecrating graves and sentenced.

Cannibal Trivia:Digging Graves for Corpse Cur
Cannibal Trivia:Digging Graves for Corpse Cur

After serving two years in years in prison, the brothers were arrested again. Complaints about the smell of rotting flesh led authorities to their home, where authorities discovered the head of a child. The brothers admitted to cooking the youngster in a curry. We do not know details of their recipe. However, Punjabi cuisine is rich, robust, and full of flavor.

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