Too shocked, this article is a bit disgusting, please read it in moderation and make it into human broth for human consumption.

The Jesuits described the Xiximes as “the wildest and most barbarian tribe of the New World.” Reports of their cannibalism have been dismissed as European bias. However, archeologists recently unearthed bones that prove these inhabitants of Northern Mexico were man-eaters. Untouched for centuries, the cache was discovered 8,530 feet above sea level in Cueva del Maguey – a village built into a cliff-side cave in the pine forests of Durango.

Cannibal Trivia:Human Soup
Cannibal Trivia:Human Soup

According to missionary reports, the Xiximes had a preferred method of cooking flesh. Body parts were cooked in pans until the bones could be stripped clean. The flesh was then cooked in a soup containing corn and beans. The cannibal practice was deeply rooted in the Xiximes worldview. The cycles of life and death were forever entwined. After corn harvest, bands of warriors would be dispatched to find human prey. Lone men were easy targets. Occasionally small forest battles were engaged in for this purpose.

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