When entering old age, the hair of the person of old age grows a lot of gray hair, because the metabolism of old age and the body function of all respects abate, grow gray hair is very normal.

But nowadays many teenagers have more and more grey hair, mainly because of the pressure and fierce competition. At present adolescent appears the pathogenic mechanism of full head of white hair still is not very understanding, and the medicine on the market and all sorts of hair water cannot cure white hair thoroughly.

Hair trivia: why do people grow gray hair
Hair trivia: why do people grow gray hair

The vast majority of adolescents grow a lot of gray hair population basically has genetic factors, some patients grow to a certain age will appear gray hair, congenital is not lack of gray hair also.

In the case of family history, due to mental, psychological and other factors, pathogenic genes are more likely to appear. Based on the modern psychological pressure, the fast pace of life, “young white head” appears more is not difficult to understand.

To a few medicaments propagandistic can make white hair blackens slogan, the hair is black the result of melanin action in hair follicle, these medicaments basically have the effect of nutrition hair follicle, also can have certain nutrition effect to melanin accordingly. But, at best, these drugs can only reduce the rate at which black hair turns white. They cannot cure less gray hair altogether, nor can they make old white hair turn black.

Above all, the patient should undertake correct consultation, avoid because gray hair and cause mood excessive anxiety. Next, the patient wants to relax spirit pressure appropriately, this may be the external cause that makes young white head aggravates. Third, want to have balanced nutrition, because the vitality of the hair follicle needs local nutrition, and systemic systemic nutrition helps the hair to obtain local nutrition, by contrast, the hair of the person with weak body is more prone to change white.

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