Just like “prosthetic legs” and “prosthetic limbs” are called “dentures”, “dentures” means teeth that fulfill their “duties” for human beings. Medically, it is a general term for restorations made after part or all of the upper and lower jaw teeth are missing.

There are two types of dentures: removable and fixed. Fixed dentures (commonly known as “fixed dentures”) cannot be taken and worn by patients themselves, while removable dentures (commonly known as “movable dentures”) can be easily taken and worn by patients.

image 3trivia
Denture Trivia: Until 1800, the former dentures came from war dead soldiers

Generally, plastic teeth are used for the teeth of movable dentures. The bases can be divided into cast metal bases and plastic bases according to the materials used. The metal base bases are thin, strong and comfortable. The metal support can choose to use common cobalt alloy, precious metal alloy, pure titanium metal and so on.

Then before the 1800s, the main source of dentures at that time was the teeth of soldiers who died on the battlefield. Suddenly I feel so sick.

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