AIDS is not that scary. Although these two diseases are incurable by modern medicine, under the control of reasonable medication, the survival time will not be shorter than that of healthy people, and the quality of life will not be much worse.

The key is that the disease is not spread through daily contact and meal sharing, so if you encounter an infected person, treat it normally.

You may wish to try to answer these two questions:

AIDS Trivia: Is AIDS terrible?
AIDS Trivia: Is AIDS terrible?

1: If a normal person comes into contact with an HIV carrier, what is the probability of Ta being infected?

2: If a person is unfortunately infected with HIV, how long can Ta live?

Next, let us reveal the answers one by one:

We said before: AIDS can be transmitted through blood, mother and child, and sexually. But this does not mean that as long as the above three forms of contact occur with HIV carriers, they will definitely be infected with AIDS.

Except for the most dangerous blood transmission, the probability of infection after a single contact with the other two modes of transmission may not be as high as people think.

After infection, HIV replicates in the body of the infected person and fights against the immune system.

Thirty years ago, this process always ended with the failure of the immune system. The patients who became resistant were subsequently killed by diseases such as tuberculosis.

With the help of modern medicine, as long as you keep medication and cooperate with treatment, you can suppress the replication of HIV in patients, which makes the life span of AIDS patients almost the same as normal people.

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