The tongue looks very ordinary, but actually consists of 8 flexible muscles,

The strongest and most powerful muscles in the human body are the tongue. The tongue nerves are very developed. The brain has a total of 12 pairs of nerves, of which 5 pairs are in the tongue.

Kissing trivia: Does kissing require tongue sticking out?
Kissing trivia: Does kissing require tongue sticking out?

In addition, there are thousands of “nipples” on the tongue, and 2000-8000 taste buds hidden. If you want to taste the taste of love, of course, you have to stick your tongue out.

However: Kissing is risky, you need to be careful when sticking your tongue

If your kissing skills are not in place, please do not imitate

Some studies have shown that 59% of boys and 66% of girls will lose their favorability after the first kiss

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7 months ago

Yes, girls have to coax them well, otherwise they can’t persuade them to come back if they are angry! Why stick out your tongue? Disgusting, are you going to bite?

1 year ago

The kiss must be sticking out! Cool! ! ! !