I don’t know if you found out that whenever we are hungry, we will want to be angry. This is actually very meaningful, because the brain is very dependent on glucose as a fuel, so when you have not eaten for a long time and your blood sugar drops, the brain must quickly release a variety of hormones to remind you: this is too dangerous.

These hormones are usually related to crises and can temporarily improve your athletic ability and help you overcome the danger. However, although you can become stronger and more aggressive, you will also become more aggressive and aggressive. Therefore, it is normal to get angry easily when hungry, which means that the survival mechanism in the body is responding and telling itself that the body “urgently needs energy”.

Do n’t make hungry people angry
Do n’t make hungry people angry

There is an American study called “Hypoglycemia and Couple Aggression”. This study is divided into two groups of experiments. One group will first prepare a voodoo doll representing the couple, and then ask them to insert the needle on the other’s doll. In the group experiment, the spouse who plays the game and then the winning party can punish the loser, playing huge noises in the other party ’s headphones. The two groups of experiments will also monitor the blood glucose index at any time. The more needles stuck on the other party’s voodoo doll, the longer it will take to bombard the other party’s ears with noise, which proves that people are hungry and definitely not irritating.

And to solve this anger is also very simple, as long as you usually have some small snacks around, at any time to add energy to the brain and maintain blood sugar balance. This also means that in order to protect one’s life and protect love and friendship, it is important not to make a joke when choosing a restaurant.

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