Whenever we do not get enough sleep, we always feel like we have dark circles. The bags under the eyes are large, which greatly affects our appearance. But do you know how our dark circles are generated? Today let’s explore the secrets and find out the secrets of dark circles!

The so-called dark circles refers to the appearance of the eyelid color of the orbital area is darker than the surrounding skin color. The dark circles are related to the amount of skin pigment around the orbit, the direction of light, and the color of blood, and are affected by many factors.

Eye Trivia: Why do people have dark circles?
Eye Trivia: Why do people have dark circles?

In general, the causes of dark circles can be divided into three situations:

The first case is affected by genetic factors. If some people are born with thicker orbicularis oculi muscles or more pigment, they will easily become natural dark circles.

The second situation is mainly concentrated in the female group. If some women often use cosmetics, there will be some dark pigmentation, which will eventually adhere to the skin and become dark circles.

The last one is temporary dark circles that most people will have. For example, lack of sleep leads to nerve disorders and then venous blood stasis. Because the vein blood is purple-black and the skin around the orbit is relatively thin, the orbit also shows a purple-black color, which becomes dark circles.

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