We carefully observe our fingernails, we will find that our nails seem to have a white crescent shape, does this crescent have any special meaning? What does it represent?

In fact, this crescent is a response to human health. When the body is not healthy, the crescent may disappear.

Nail trivia: what is the crescent on it
Nail trivia: what is the crescent on it

For example, normal fingernails are very ruddy, and there is a light white crescent. However, when the body is malnourished, the crescent on the fingernail will disappear and the fingernail will gradually become gray.

If the fingernails grow too fast and the moon marks on the fingernails are too obvious, then the body may have diseases such as hyperthyroidism.

So the crescent on the fingernail is an external performance that can indirectly reflect the health of the human body. You can directly see the health of your body through a simple crescent.

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