Many children believe that they have levitated, usually by floating down the stairs. It is not clear whether they are confusing dreams with reality or whether it is another form of fantasy. But the belief that they have levitated or can levitate is a common one in childhood.

The phenomenon has been around for a long time. Samuel Pepys even recalled an episode of childhood levitation in his diary in 1665. Then it was considered evidence of supernatural intrusion.

Weird trivia for children: They Think They Can Levitate
Weird trivia for children: They Think They Can Levitate

Adults have also experienced the illusion that they can float. Often, this takes the form of an out-of-body experience. This may manifest in an isolated episode during which a patient on an operating table floats above himself while watching the medical team working on him.

For most people, these strange episodes do not pose a threat to their overall mental health and can even be a positive experience. However, prolonged out-of-body episodes may indicate that a person is suffering from a depersonalization disorder in which he may feel disconnected from his body and thoughts

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