Some people cannot start a day without coffee-many people may change their coffee habits afterwards.

For most of us, they cannot afford a giant machine like a coffee shop to use coffee beans. We often use large cans and canned pre-ground beans.

If you are drinking coffee made from pre-ground coffee beans, it is very likely that there will be ground cockroaches falling from your coffee.

Coffee Trivia: Coffee contains many insect fragments
Coffee Trivia: Coffee contains many insect fragments

Dr. Chen described how one of his students drove across the country with his students. Dr. Chen was “very addicted to caffeine” and often made them drive for up to 45 minutes before they could find fresh ground coffee with whole beans. The place.

“He finally explained to me that he can only drink freshly ground coffee with whole beans-this is caused by cockroaches.”

After years of teaching entomology and studying insects and their relationship with people, Dr. Chen became very allergic to the frequent handling of cockroaches.

He cannot touch cockroaches without a reaction, and also suffers from allergies when drinking coffee made from pre-ground beans.

When the professor studied it, he found that the pre-ground coffee was processed from a large number of cockroaches.

He explained that filtering out these creatures is almost useless, so they are ground together with the beans. Are you feeling unwell? Another point.

Dr. Chen said that the US defect standards at the time allowed pre-ground coffee beans to contain up to 10% of “insect contamination and insect remains.”

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