In the past few decades, people have always thought that left-handedness is a label. Now, most people think that left-handers have higher IQ, more unique ideas, and more artistic talent.

Is there a scientific basis for these praises? Are left-handers really more creative?

The answer is: this possibility is limited.

10% of the population are left-handed. For so many years, scientists have been studying the special features of left-handed people.

Left-handed trivia: Is it really more creative?
Left-handed trivia: Is it really more creative?

They combine left-handedness with mental illness, immune system problems, and criminal behavior. At the same time, I have been studying whether left-handers are better at solving problems and whether they are more likely to die at a young age. In all these studies related to left-handers, we have only come to one conclusion: science is complicated.

There are many studies linking left-handedness with better creativity. Because they feel that for so many years, left-handers have been adapting to the real world, and here, most people use their right hands. However, other studies claim that being left-handed does not mean better creativity.

Some researchers have found that left-handers are not smarter than right-handed users, but others say that left-handers have a clear intellectual advantage. Do left-handers really have an intellectual advantage? Are they more likely to suffer from schizophrenia and learning disabilities? In fact, the answer you get depends on who you ask.

However, “Are left-handers different?” is not even a correct question. In the past few years, many studies have shown that: It does not matter which hand is mainly used. What is important is how “dominant” this hand is.

Researchers say that few people use their left or right hands completely. In most cases, the two hands are responsible for different areas. We use our left hand to do some things and our right hand to do other things.

These experiments show that people who use both left and right hands are more flexible in thinking. They seem to resonate more easily with others, and it is easier for them to look at problems from the perspective of other people. When weighing the pros and cons to make a decision, people who use both hands pay more attention to risk, while people who have a preference for using one hand pay more attention to potential benefits.

But who knows? This is a science that is always changing and evolving. If you are a left-handed person with a sense of superiority, we may want to remind you to keep a low profile, because we know that you actually use your right hand.

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