Have you ever wondered why other people’s farts smell like chemical weapons. His fart is always approachable, amiable, and vaguely has a good taste of familiarity?

That’s about the manufacturer of farts, gut bacteria. Because each person’s intestinal bacteria and composition are completely different, so that everyone’s fart smell has no other semicolon. But also because fart smell is related to excreta and has the same risk of infectious diseases as cockroaches and mice, from the perspective of evolution, biological instinct will want to avoid it

Fart trivia: people think their farts smell better
Fart trivia: people think their farts smell better

In addition, compared with the strange smell, the familiar smell can make the animal more at ease, which makes us more friendly and tolerant to our own farts, and also has the ability to distinguish between our own farts and others’ farts.

Finally, before you fart, the anterior cingulate cortex of the brain will also start to act, helping you to have the expected psychology and the impact of embracing. With psychological construction, you will not be so disgusted with the smell (so it is polite to remind others that you want to fart first).

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