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DC Trivia:Why did Arrow’s independent comics wait for 40 years?

This is a veteran hero who is second only to the Seventh Giant of the Justice League. As early as the 1940s, Green Arrow appeared on the same stage as Neptune. However, in the 1960s, when Neptune was regarded as a veteran of the Justice League, the poorly-populated Arrow Man made a miserable Waterloo and failed to rank in the veteran throne.

DC Trivia:Why did Arrow’s independent comics wait for 40 years?-3trivia
DC Trivia:Why did Arrow’s independent comics wait for 40 years?

Despite this, as an early DC hero, Arrow is still deeply respected and loved. The Arrow is built with the image of the British justice man "Robin Hood". The real name Oliver Jonas Queen, born in the Quin family of the richest family in Star City, is a debauchery rich second generation who fled to a desert island in a shipwreck for survival. After practicing the skills of archery and fighting, he later defeated the pirates by using the pirate ship to dock and used their boat to return to the United States. He became a superhero, Green Arrow, because he yearned for Batman's actions against criminals.

As a day in the day, Arrow Arrow acts as a flower and flowers, and hides himself in the night. He turns into a sneak peek at the night and looks for a justice warrior who tries to destroy the city. From the early single-player action, to the later Red Devils, Fast Hands, Volunteer Police Officers, Glorious Knights, Striped People, and Flash, they created the organization of the Changsheng Seven Warriors and began the city defense battle.

After the Second World War, there were more short and interesting stories about Green Arrow using tricks and archery to stop crime and save lives. At this time, Green Arrow became a member of JLA, while Fast Arrow joined the second-generation fast-handed teenager Titan; Green Arrow's scorpion object Black Canary; Second-generation Green Arrow, which is Oliver's own son, Hawke, etc. "Arrow squad" family. After the 1990s, the addition of bat female, black eagle, elemental man, sly, dead, Adam singer, miracle, and missile heroine gradually expanded the organizational strength of the Changsheng Seven Warriors.

In addition to being the main leader of the Changsheng Seven Warriors, as the archer and the fighter, and the hero of the righteous hero, he is also very concerned with the members of the Justice League.

As an early friend who met Green Arrow and Green Lantern, he became a life and death friend when he traveled around the United States. Later, in the story of the "Green Lantern #76-89" series, there were several times.

There is also a non-stop relationship with the Eagles since the 1960s. It is not that there is a deep hatred between the two, but the position is different.

In addition, as the reason why the Green Arrow was not allowed to join the League early, the reason is that there is a mortal hero Batman in the Justice League, and the relationship between the two is relatively dull.

Speaking of so many green arrows, I can't help but go back to the heroic deeds of Winner, and I am here today!


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