When you mention Destruction Day, you have to talk about Batman. It is well known that Batman has an extremely important position in both DC movies and comics. Batman can be said to hold up half of DC movies. It is a DC. The trump card, Destruction Day, debuted in the film for the first time in “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice”, which was used by Lester to use the body of General Zod, using his ingenuity to transform into a destruction day.

DC Trivia:When the super girl was destroyed, she was beaten with a punch.
DC Trivia:When the super girl was destroyed, she was beaten with a punch.

I have to say that DC movies are still a little worse than Marvel movies, and I feel a little too anxious. The destruction day in the film is a great show, showing its own horrible fighting power, and it has not been killed by nuclear bombing, but it has become more powerful. And killed Superman in the film, causing a big sensation. Became the first villain hero to kill Superman. Many people’s impressions of the Day of Destruction are more general and vague, so how strong is the destruction day of the first Superman? The truth was revealed and was scared by the last picture.

First, the origins of the Destruction Day are introduced. In the movie, it is resurrected by Lester, but in the comics, Destruction Day and Superman are born in the comet. A comet named Portland is a geneticist. I want to make a living body that can survive in any environment. He uses his baby to experiment and put him into various harsh environments. After he dies, he continues to clone. After ten years, this experiment has evolved. It is the day of destruction. The Day of Destruction survived alone for two years, killing all the creatures he met. He experienced many deaths and rebirths. Eventually he overcame death and became an immortal being. In other words, death does not make any sense to it. Then, as a supply ship left the comet, it began its own killing journey. His only purpose is to kill and destroy.

Everywhere the Destruction Day went, it brought endless horror and caused great damage until a certain planet created a superhuman being composed entirely of energy. It was eventually defeated but still could not kill. In captivity, the people of this planet put it into a special prison and exiled it to the depths of the universe for hundreds of thousands of years.

Later, the prison accidentally landed on the earth, and the Day of Destruction finally woke up after sleeping for thousands of years. He broke the prison and began to ravage the earth, causing the attention of the Justice League. The destruction of the ruin easily defeated all members except Superman. Then Superman rushed to the fierce battle with the Day of Destruction. The power to destroy the day was great. The claws could pierce the skin of Superman. As a result, Superman died after being killed and destroyed, and the world was shocked. Because no one can believe that Superman was killed by Destruction Day, Destruction Day became the first creature to kill Superman.

Later, after the resurrection day, it was resurrected to the apocalypse star. The destruction of the apocalypse star caused the anger of Daxede. He ate an omega ray and died, and quickly produced antibodies against it, making Daxed’s attack. All are invalid. For the first time, Daxed felt the fear and had to resort to Superman to join him in the Mirage Zone and temporarily sealed it. Next, let’s take a look at what kind of capabilities are available on Devastate Day, so that everyone can better understand this super-strong villain.

Obviously, destroying the Japanese energy stocks to adapt to various environments, no matter how bad the environment, whether in the earth or in the universe, he can perfectly adapt, and the more bad the environmental destruction day, the stronger. It’s useless to bomb the destruction day into a quark.

Death is not a hindrance to the Day of Destruction. He can still be resurrected even if he is torn into pieces. The official setting of DC Comics clearly indicates that the Day of Destruction is immortal, even if it is useless to blast the Destruction Day into a quark, this is much more powerful than Wolverine. In addition, the method of killing the day of destruction will fail the second time, and he will produce antibodies.

Destruction Day has a super strength, can compete with Superman and do not fall, and Dakside confronts. In addition to his defensiveness, the spurs can easily pierce Superman’s skin. The speed of destroying the day in the comics is also extremely fast, and it has knocked down the running Flash.

This ability is quite horrible, he can evolve super powers… In the comics, Destruction Day has evolved the ability to control metals. In addition, he can evolve super-intelligence, power and wisdom coexist, but this ability Not so stable.

In the comics, General Zod will be released on the destruction day of the Phantom Zone. He has killed millions of lives and grown up to perfection. The complete destruction day produced the destruction of the spores, and when it was there, it would swallow all the life around and grow their vitality as a nutrient. After the body is destroyed, it can parasitize others and gradually engulf the host until it is revived on the day of destruction. Later, in a confrontation with Superman, Superman was infected with the destruction of the spores and reborn as a day of destruction. The superman who is seen in the face is indeed chilling, and many people have said that they are scared.

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