In the comics of recent years, Wonder Woman also has a lover, that is, spy punishment. The day penalty appeared in the “Suicide Squad” comics as a master of disguise. After the “Wonder Woman” was restarted in 2006, Tiandu and the magical woman Diana worked together in the Department of Superhuman Affairs.

DC Trivia:Wonder Woman is bisexual?
DC Trivia:Wonder Woman is bisexual?

It seems that the love story of the Wonder Woman in the comic is much richer than the movie. Even so, we are very concerned about who her new boyfriend will be in the next Wonder Woman. However, “Lucky Woman” comic author Gray Luca once said that Diana is a bisexual, because she comes from a paradise island full of women, so women there are looking for a partner on the island. It’s shocking to hear it here, but Gail Gadado himself said in an interview that “I saw Halle Berry that day, she is so beautiful, so… I am willing to fall in love with her.” Is it true that in the DC movie behind, Wonder Woman will stage a girl-in-law!

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