Thanos Trivia:The theory of destroying half of humanity has long existed

Recently, “Avengers 4” is hot, I think everyone has seen it. After experiencing a sea of ​​people and…

Recently, “Avengers 4” is hot, I think everyone has seen it. After experiencing a sea of ​​people and a long vacation, I don’t know if you have more understanding of the concept of “Thanos” in the movie. In order to maintain the balance of the universe, Thanos wants to eliminate half of the creatures in the universe. The desires of people on the earth are too swollen and the resources are not enough. Therefore, people on the earth will be randomly killed half by chance regardless of race. Everyone may think that this is just a fantasy, but in fact some people have already studied this concept as a scientific theory. Even in history, there are people who have the same consequences as Thanos.

Thanos Trivia:The theory of destroying half of humanity has long existed
Thanos Trivia:The theory of destroying half of humanity has long existed

The first person to study this theory was an Englishman named Malthus who wrote a book called “Population Theory” in 1798. This book has a great influence on the world even now, his book. There are a few basic ideas in it, which are almost identical to the concept of “Thanos”, such as he thinks:

  1. With the development of human society, the supply of food can grow, but the growth of food supply is limited by resources and limited by technology, so the growth of food supply is relatively slow, increasing, and the growth is linear ( Namely: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7…);
  2. But the population growth may not be linear, but exponentially increasing, multiplied by geometric growth (ie: 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128…), so there will always be one day. There will be a situation where the demand for the population far exceeds the supply of food;
  3. When the population demand is greater than the maximum supply that food can provide, large-scale population deaths can occur. This death may be due to lack of food and starvation, or due to insufficient distribution of resources, death from war, or death from a large-scale epidemic, or even death from a crime to fill the stomach. These reasons will cause the death of the population, and Malthus believes that this death is in accordance with the laws of nature, so when this large-scale death occurred, Malthus believed that it should be allowed to happen, because any remedy is in the face of natural law. In fact, they are all in vain. You cannot fight the laws of nature;
  4. And Malthus thinks that the poor are the most damn, because the poor actually add to the burden of society. He also calls the poor a “surplus population”, so he believes that the subsidies for the poor should not be too much and should not be given to the poor too. A good living environment should allow them to die earlier. This is a contribution to society. In this respect, in fact, this Malthus is not as moral as humanity in “Thanos”. After all, “Thanos” is randomly chosen.

For Malthus’s theory, there is no shortage of supporters in reality. There was a great famine in British history, and the British government at that time passively rescued according to Malthus’s views in Population, which caused Ireland. The consequences of a sharp drop of 8 million people.

Thanos Trivia:The theory of destroying half of humanity has long existed
Thanos Trivia:The theory of destroying half of humanity has long existed

This is the Irish potato famine that occurred between 1846 and 1851. The yield of crops grown in traditional Europe was relatively low. Later, after Columbus discovered the New World, the potato with very high yield was introduced into Europe. At that time, the maximum yield of wheat per mu in Europe could reach one kilogram, but the yield per mu could reach 10,000 kg. So so much food has caused a huge increase in the population of Ireland. In 1800, there were about 5 million people in Ireland, but by 1841, the population of Ireland had reached 8 million. According to Malthus, there should be a population. There is a surplus that should allow the poor to die. It is precisely at this time that there is a problem that the potato has an infectious disease that has caused the harvest of Irish potatoes, which were the main source of food for the Irish.

Ireland is part of the United Kingdom, when many British ministers thought that according to Malthus’s theory, this is the law of nature, so there should not be too much relief for Ireland. Therefore, the British government not only passively rescued but also exported large quantities of food in the absence of food sources from Irish farmers. Eventually, the Irish peasants died on a large scale. By 1851, the Irish population had only 4 million people left. Those who fled, the population has been reduced by half, and the Great Famine has basically subsided, which is almost in complete agreement with the theoretical expectations of Malthus or “Thanos”.

In fact, in addition to Malthus, there are still many scientists who study this theory. For example, after four years of death in Malthus, a young man continued to study Malthus’s “Population”, but he believes that this theory may not be in humans. Too ethical, but if it is very reasonable to apply to animals, the young man wrote a book, The Origin of Species. This young man is Darwin. In biology, we basically think of Darwin’s theory of evolution. Right, the natural world will choose the species, and when the species expands to a certain extent, it will spontaneously die. I saw it. If this theory is applied to animals, it is a correct theory recognized by everyone. When this theory is applied to human society, it is Malthus’s “population theory”, so sometimes people call “population” “Social Darwinism.”

We will share a set of data for everyone. It took us a long time since the birth of human beings to break through 1 billion people around 1804. With the advent of the industrial revolution, we have only used 123 years of technological innovation and mechanization. Time has doubled the population to 2 billion. Then the population has grown exponentially in the Malthusian index. By 2018, the global population has reached 7.4 billion. The global population growth seems to be out of control. The problem is coming. How many people can our planet carry? A number of studies have estimated that with current technological developments (such as vigorously developing transgenic crops), the population limit that the Earth can carry is about 10 billion, and according to UN predictions, 30 years later, around 2050, the world The population will arrive at this level.

So how should the population explosion be solved? At present, no one can come up with a practical solution, but a person named Lesnet proposed an interesting solution. He founded the “Human Voluntary Extinction Movement” organization, which advocates “human extinction is The best way to solve the problems facing the earth at present is to stop breeding.” Lesnet also established a website for the “Human Voluntary Extinction Movement”, which has such a sentence on the website:

“We are the only species that has evolved to voluntarily extinct for the benefit of all life, and this is also necessary.”


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