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Superhero trivia:Why Are Their Films So Successful?

Superheroes have been portrayed in movies for around a century now, but they have not always been as well received. Just as superhero comics have gone through stages in which they were more or less read, superhero movies have also experienced ups and downs in terms of popularity.

Superhero trivia:Why Are Their Films So Successful?-3trivia
Superhero trivia:Why Are Their Films So Successful?

As we previously saw, superheroes are now going through their best moment in the film industry. But what caused this leap in the acceptance of superhero films? Why are moviegoers now receiving superhuman characters better than ever?

Well, we can point to several reasons. First, it is easy to see that the superheroes in today’s movies are much more relatable than those in old films. That is largely because the stories in the movies now show more humanized characters. People tend to be more interested in those heroes who, even with their gifts, must fight against the ordinary problems of life because anyone can identify with them.

Second, most superhero films in our times are within what is known as a “shared universe.” Brands like Marvel, among others, often tell stories in which the characters interact with each other in the same world throughout different movies. This creates a sense of continuity that makes fans eager to see what the next chapter in the franchise will be about.

Another important point is the improvement that the film industry has experienced in the field of visual effects. For example, director James Cameron waited 15 years before releasing his famous film Avatar because he believed that filmmaking technology was not sufficiently developed before then.

And since we generally do not see people flying or throwing energy beams of their hands in real life, the use of special effects is inherent in the stories of superheroes. That is why superhero movies in past decades had to be limited to stories that did not require too much budget if they wanted to look realistic.

But thanks to today’s technology, directors can unleash their imaginations and create superhero movies with otherworldly stories that appeal to the public.


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