I remember any door in childhood, bamboo poles and time machine, as well as Daxiong, fat tiger, Xiaofu, Shizuka children playmates. The most important thing is that the blue fat man from the future, Doraemon, is round and round, has no cat’s claws, no cat ears, and his hands are round. He likes to eat copper bran, most afraid of mice, but not Know how many people want to have such a cute little angel.

Anime trivia: Do you still remember the birthday of Doraemon?
Anime trivia: Do you still remember the birthday of Doraemon?

Doraemon is a robot cat born on September 3, 2112, so the official set this time as the day when the blue fat man was born. So it’s a dream. This year’s dream is 94 years old. It’s a negative number 94. Old age. The netizen laughed and said: You still have to be born in 1994, come on.

On September 3, 2012, Doraemon was officially registered as a special citizen of Kawasaki City in Kanagawa Prefecture, and a special resident household registration certificate was issued. It can be said that a dream has accompanied many people’s childhood, brought a lot of happiness and surprise to the public, and became a true friend of the public.

Daxiong is a child who is not smart and not brave and unlovable. He has always been a weak and inferior and lonely image, and the Doraemon is a robot cat from the 22nd century. It is the grandfather who was sent by the master to help the owner. I came to Daxiong and helped the troubled and powerful Daxiong again and again. The last two became inseparable good friends.

Although the blue fat man is very capable in the real world, almost all wishes can be realized, but in the future world, it is because of the mistakes produced in the manufacturing process. There is such a clip when the jingle cat was born, I remembered something, and said to Daxiong: I remembered that the most happy thing when I was born was the message from Daxiong, and then I shed tears. This moment is full of emotion. .

The cartoon was serialized in 1970. Although the author died, his disciples still insist on a large amount of output, and there are still a large number of works.

Doraemon can be so popular, more because the character of Daxiong is well-formed, many shortcomings make the public resonate, and feel like a big man, but there is such a future from Daxiong, and to himself. Almost a versatile friend who is obedient, he will fantasize about himself, and he is eager to have such a friend around him. This is the success of this cartoon.

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