In the mid-1990s, during the peak of Jacky Cheung’s career, according to statistics from the IFPI International Recording Association, Jacky Cheung’s record sales were second only to the late American singer Michael Jackson, who was ranked second in the world, in 1996, and The alumnus won the Grammy Award, which is the highest-selling award for Chinese singers worldwide, the highest award for Asian singers, only Michael Jackson.

Singer trivia: Is the singer Jacky Cheung's record sales behind Michael Jackson?
Singer trivia: Is the singer Jacky Cheung’s record sales behind Michael Jackson?

Jacky Cheung “In the 1990s, the Chinese song god, only 93 years of “Kissing” more than 4 million, 95/96 sales of more than 5 million columns (this year’s total sales are second only to the world’s first Michael Jackson, far beyond the third Madonna) Global Singer Annual Sales Second in Asia, Two World Music Awards – Grammy

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