Concert trivia:The greatest concert

It was a concert that lasted for 16 hours and was held in London at the same time…

It was a concert that lasted for 16 hours and was held in London at the same time as Philadelphia in the United States. The number of on-site viewers reached 900,000. Live broadcasts were broadcast to more than 140 countries through 13 global communication satellites, and 1.5 billion people watched live broadcasts on TV.

More than 100 rock stars from around the world participated in this great concert, including Bob Dylan, Michael Jackson, Madonna, U2, Rolling Stone, Queen and many other famous rock stars and bands.

Concert trivia:The greatest concert
Concert trivia:The greatest concert

The theme song of the whole concert is “We are world” by Michael Jackson. The theme of this concert is to save lives. It is a charity concert organized by singer Gildorf to eliminate the world’s poverty.

The significance and influence of this concert is unprecedented. It is for people struggling with hunger and raised more than 60 million US dollars. With the help of these funds, more than 70 production chains in Africa have improved. stand up.

The rock stars have completed the politicians’ international feats and discussed the feats that have not been completed for a long time. This is the power of music.

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