Speaking of the classic characters of the silent film in the 1990s, someone will definitely mention “Charlie Chaplin”. Today Chestnut will introduce you to another comedy master who is as famous as Chaplin-Buster Keaton.

Compared to Chaplin’s ideology and class character, it is well known in our country. Keaton has always been introduced to each other only in the fan circle in the country, or simply live in large movie books such as “Know the Movie” and “History of the Movie”.

When it comes to the difference between Chaplin and Keaton. Fellini said: “Chaplin tries to play a child, and Keaton is a child in itself.

Comedy Trivia:He's acting with his life, even Chaplin admires him
Comedy Trivia:He’s acting with his life, even Chaplin admires him

Speaking of Keaton, I have to mention Brother Jackie Chan. As a fan of Keaton ’s hardcore, he pays tribute in many films, and many bridges are parodyed or imitated. Jackie Chan’s film was sought after in Hollywood, and Western media called it the second Keaton.

Of course, there are, for example, Zhou Xingchi, Xu Brothers, Woody Allen, etc. more or less borrowed from Keaton in creative comedy.

However, in addition to these, Keaton has his own unique drama style.

Keaton resolutely does not show his expression in the film, and always shows an indifferent look. This is similar to Uncle Takeshi Kitano in Japan. Because of this feature, movie fans call it “cold smile.”

Keaton is a perfectionist, who shows that he does not need to substitute for dangerous moves (except for the pole vault in the “University”, which has made Olympic champion Lee a substitute), often substitutes for others, and has multiple roles (Director, screenwriter, editor, subtitle …).

At the same time, he is also a pure science man, obsessed with machinery and trains, using mechanical elements in many films (“Electrified House”, “Sign”). Among them is the “General”.

Keaton was born in a family of circuses, so there are some difficult moves that ordinary people can’t do.

One of the scenes was to pave the front of Keaton, and then the camera inexplicably penetrated the house, connecting the outside and the inside of the house. The next moment, my palm was rotten, and the temperature had not cooled.

Now that some films, plots and actors are in place, they are generally decent, but the real top-of-the-line films are cut and shots in place.

Master-level editing, a dream drama in the film, seamless editing and plot perfectly fit, no trace of editing is seen, on the other hand, some films do not pay attention to editing and shots, leading to some good scripts die on the screen.

So sometimes the script and the final shot are polarized.

Keaton’s films are mainly chase dramas and marriages. Similarly, there are a lot of chase dramas in this film.

Keaton appeared as a guest in the film “Sunset Boulevard” and Chaplin’s only film “Stage Spring and Autumn”.

But he returned to the public again, but with an old face.

After Keaton mistakenly joined MGM in 1928, he couldn’t stand the set system and the company limited his imagination. Keaton was anxious and drunk, his marriage was broken, and the company was dismissed.

In his old age he lived in a broken car in front of the company and died alone.

Every comedian brings joy to the audience, but he is suffering deeply.

Keaton is a perfectionist and a talented filmmaker.

Years later, Oscar remembered him. After giving him the Lifetime Achievement Award, Keaton kept crying, but the only thing he wanted to do was still want to make a film. Unfortunately, the elderly body didn’t allow it.

Shortly after, Keaton died. Behind him, stay, the face that tried to smile.

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