“Fluo Double Domineering”, a famous nonsense comedy in the 1980s, tells a pair of brothers who have just released from prison in an attempt to make up for the large taxes owed by the orphanage through song and dance performance on the street. In the film, the two brothers drove an old police car. During the process of being chased by the police, they “accidentally” destroyed countless police cars. The scene was spectacular and it was definitely the best in film history at that time.

In order to make the scene even more spectacular, director John Landis actually obtained the consent of the Chicago police, rented a helicopter, raised a police car to a height of 360 meters, and then dropped it. Fortunately, the car landed firmly on the target, another police car, without injuring the innocent.

Police Car Trivia: Movies That Lost Real Police Car
Police Car Trivia: Movies That Lost Real Police Car

The film also did one thing that now seems unbelievable: the high-dose drug consumption list of the actor John Bellusi was released (the film also had a cocaine budget at the time). It’s a pity that this dude died of drug overdose two years after the film was released.

Otherwise, maybe 18 years later, he will participate in the “Fluo Double Domination 2000”, which will continue to be great. John Bellusi loved rock when he was young, and began to sink when he became famous. He died at the age of 33 because of an overdose of drugs. His life is also legendary.

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