This scene is the funeral of Gandhi in the biography of Gandhi. More spectacular than the Tiananmen military parade. The fact is that in real life, more than a million people attended Gandhi’s funeral.

Movie trivia: Gandhi's funeral involved 400,000 mass actors.
Movie trivia: Gandhi’s funeral involved 400,000 mass actors.

In order to restore the truth to the greatest extent, the director Richard Attenborough hired 3,000 mass actors to wear Indian military uniforms of the 1940s as middle-aged soldiers; then he hired at least 350,000 people to serve as roads On the side.

Attenborough estimates that a total of about 350,000 to 400,000 mass actors will appear in the show in the end. Therefore, the scene you see in the movie is not a special effect, but it really happened. This also made “Ghandi Biography” set a record of the most mass actors in film history.

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