“Man in Black” is a 1997 science fiction comedy film directed by Barry Sonenfield, adapted from Lowell Cunningham’s comic book of the same name, by Tommy Lee Jones, Will Smith, Linda Starring Fiorentino, Vincent Donofio, Rip Town.

The film was released on July 2, 1997 by Columbia Pictures. The film tells that a large number of aliens have sought refuge on Earth due to the continuous war in the universe. The Black Man, as a special policeman specializing in dealing with aliens, is committed to preventing the secret invasion and destruction of the earth by evil aliens.

Movie Trivia: Props Alien Trivia in "Black Swat" in 1997
Movie Trivia: Props Alien Trivia in “Black Swat” in 1997

The alien “corpse” in the movie is actually a very large model

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