For the majority of netizens, the knowledge of the Japanese AV industry may be limited to well-known AV girls such as Aoi.

Recently, some netizens have revealed the inside story of the Japanese AV industry, from the actress interview to AV [male actor] and the whole filming process.

It’s really not easy to be an AV actress. The interview here is also not new. It is different from the rest. It is completely different from all the interviews and imaginations you have participated in! !

Porn Trivia: How Japanese AV Films Are Taken
Porn Trivia: How Japanese AV Films Are Taken

After entering, the examiner asks you to stand by a wall with a ruler drawn from 1-200 cm on the wall to measure your height.

As soon as he stood, he quickly filled in the number on the interview form, 168CM.

Then a person walked in front of the girl and glanced at her feet, 48 kilograms, (here is an electronic scale), and then asked if she had done this industry, was she a virgin, was she studying, etc.?

The interviewer will ask you to sign your name on a piece of paper, and then I realize that this is a very detailed contract, about 20 pages of paper, each page must be signed, and press the fingerprint, then go to the next The link, the girl behind keeps up.

At this time, two men started to grope on the girls. They will tell you that they are only routinely checked to see if they are full and whether the quality is good.

The first step in doing AV must be a good figure. If you have a bad figure, it will be eliminated at this stage. There is also a younger age, usually less than 20 years old. If you are younger, the price will be slightly higher. Prices above 20 years old are relatively low, and the price breakdown of this industry is very detailed.

Like the assembly line, there are 4-5 men in this room, and other people come in and out from time to time. He asks you to take off all your clothes, leaving only bras and shorts.

Taking off stockings, each category is divided into dozens of categories in detail, and there are many auxiliary items. The low one is only a few hundred yen. It is called mandatory option + auxiliary option. The mandatory option is done as long as you come to receive this announcement Services, auxiliary options are at least 2 items,

Some AVs have more than 50 selections to make more money. The general selection is generally for women who are older and in need of money. Generally, younger people will only choose 2-3 items, but the company will not agree that you only choose 2-3 items. Now people have a very strong taste. One that is too routine to shoot is one that no one looks at, and the second is that it can’t be sold at a good price.

Take off your clothes bit by bit and wait for medical examination (Japan ’s disc is a legally sold disc between 150-450 yuan). The company ’s statistics are the best sold above 400, which can satisfy many people ’s Taste.

Something like students is here. Usually the company arranges the heaviest announcement for you for the first time, that is, more than 50 all-rounds, and more than 95% are forced. When you sign the stack of contracts, you no longer have the right to speak. People are at the mercy of them, and they are not allowed to act in front of the camera to block their faces or block important parts, otherwise they will not only be compensated for 1 Mao, but will also be sought for compensation.

This is why the actresses in Japanese AV films can’t resist no matter how painful they are.

Finally, take off all clothes, leaving only bras and shorts will not be dismissed. Once dismissed, all filmmakers in Japan will not hire you again. Because they have a system that records each of your information in great detail.

No filmmaker is willing to pay a lot of money to find someone who does not cooperate to waste their time and money.

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