Doraemon is a well-known anime character in Japan. He accompanied many people’s childhood and brought a lot of joy to our growth.

Doraemon is all blue, so we are dubbed “blue fat man”. In fact, Doraemon was originally not blue, but yellow.

Doraemon's body was originally yellow instead of blue
Doraemon’s body was originally yellow instead of blue

In the theater version of “The Birth of Doraemon in 2112”, it was said that while Doraemon was sleeping, his ear was bitten by a robot mouse and was sent to the hospital for treatment. The robot doctor accidentally removed the ear during treatment In addition, he was teased by Luo Lazizi (classmate of Doraemon) and took the tragic oral solution by mistake, so Doraemon cried for three days and three nights, and the tears immersed Doraemon, and the sister was duo Lamei rescued.

However, the yellow on Doraemon’s body was washed away by tears and turned blue, and his voice became hoarse. As a result, its body becomes blue.

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