Thor: Ragnarok was a highly anticipated installment in the vast range of Marvel movies. Soon after it was released, fans raved about how funny the movie was. However, despite the ongoing humorous moments, an undercurrent of darkness included the deaths of Odin and the Warriors Three, the release of Hela, the destruction of Thor’s hammer, the ultimate loss of Asgard’s army, and the complete ruin of Asgard at the end.

Marvel Trivia: Lighthearted Thor by Rip-Roaring Theories
Marvel Trivia: Lighthearted Thor by Rip-Roaring Theories

A Reddit fan theory suggests that the story of Ragnarok is told by Thor in lighthearted fashion to water down the terrible events that transpired throughout the film. He does this to cheer up the Asgardian refugees and to keep himself sane after the loss of his father and the devastation that was unleashed upon Asgard.

Could this mean that Thor also fabricated some details of his fight against Hulk?

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