Avengers: Endgame broke records worldwide after its release in 2019. One of the most anticipated superhero movies of all time, it would finally provide insight into the ultimate fates of many beloved characters. It was also the first movie that saw Captain Marvel fight alongside the Avengers.

Marvel Trivia: "I Have Telepathy" by Rip-Roaring Theories
Marvel Trivia: “I Have Telepathy” by Rip-Roaring Theories

In one scene, Thor is looking at Captain Marvel as if to size her up. When he gets up to stand right in front of her, she meets his unwavering gaze. Even when Stormbreaker flies toward Thor’s open hand at incredible speed just inches from her head, Marvel doesn’t flinch. Thor cements his “approval” of the new addition by stating: “I like this one.”

A slightly eerie theory has it that when Captain Marvel turns around to face Thor, she whispers, “I have telepathy.” Apparently, these words can only be heard with the volume turned up to 400 percent audio.

However, directors Joe and Anthony Russo have shot down this theory. They said it was not part of the many Easter eggs buried in Marvel films.

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