The Rules of Attraction is connected to the more well-known film American Psycho because the main characters in both movies are brothers (Sean Bateman in Rules of Attraction, and Patrick Bateman in American Psycho). This is briefly alluded to in the released film, but above is a fascinating longer clip of the two brothers which ended up on the cutting room floor. In The Rules of Attraction (which was written first).

Movie Trivia: Disgusting anti-social movie "The Rules of Attraction"
Movie Trivia: Disgusting anti-social movie “The Rules of Attraction”

Sean is a vapid sophomoric teen who fucks his way through college with no regard for the young women he hurts and ultimately one of his victims cuts her wrists and bleeds to death in a gruesome and dangerously true-to-life scene. Sean, of course, doesn’t even realise the girl was in love with him. Whilst not as arty or well constructed a film as American Psycho, this close relative is well worth a watch, even if for no other reason than the hilarious drunken luncheon between the impossibly handsome secondary characters Dick and Paul and their socialite mothers (played by Faye Dunaway and Swoosie Kurtz). And you definitely don’t want to miss the awesome drug dealer scene featuring Clifton Collins Jr.

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