David Fincher is one of the the best directors working right now and Gone Girl is one of his finest films. It tells the tale of Amy, a young woman raised by parents who were so focussed on their fictional book series based on the highly romanticised life of their daughter that they all but forget to actually raise the girl.

Movie Trivia: Disgusting anti-social film "Gone Girl"
Movie Trivia: Disgusting anti-social film “Gone Girl”

This lack of attachment in childhood led Amy to become a sociopath (some sociopaths are born that way, others are made). The film portrays the deliberate and callous vengeance Amy enacts against her husband when she is thrown into a narcissistic rage after discovering that he has cheated on her.

The film shows all three stages of sociopathy: idealization (the love-bombing and perfect start), the devaluing (destroying the self-worth of the prey), and the discard (the final termination of the relationship and the victim). It also shows, better than any other film on this list, how cunning the sociopath can be and how easily they can convince others to join them in their attacks on the victim. This is really one of the best films on this list so do watch it.

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