Believe or not, Kathy Griffin was once a highly appreciated and respected comedian in America, making herself famous in the 90’s through her standup comedy and her clever parodies of music videos and major events in pop culture. Often praised for being a bit of an outsider in Hollywood who thinks outside of the box, Griffin built a quite unique name for herself through the years. But everything came to a scratching halt for her in May of 2017, when she posted to social media an extremely bloody and disturbing picture of herself holding a mask representing Donald Trump’s decapitated head.

Hollywood scandal trivia:Kathy Griffin: One Bad Joke
Hollywood scandal trivia:Kathy Griffin: One Bad Joke

The image, snapped by American photographer Tyler Shields, created an instant uproar in the country, and even Trump’s most outspoken detractors came forward to denounce Kathy Griffin’s choice to display such an image to the world, some even comparing it to terrorist behaviors we have seen in the past. In a matter of hours, Griffin’s career was reduced to ashes, being fired from all of her ongoing projects, and having her stand up tour cancelled. She has since gone to great lengths to attempt to revive her career, but despite her apologies and her subsequent work, Kathy Griffin never fully recovered from the incident.

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