Hollywood has no shortage of rude and entitled celebrities, and everyone is willing to deal with them for the sake of making money. That is why people are still surprised that Katherine Heigl ruined one of the most promising careers of our time for the one and unique reason that she was an insufferable diva. To say that her success got to her head is an understatement — after becoming one of the most talked about actresses in Hollywood during her prime in the mid 2000’s, Heigl began to repeatedly bite the hand that fed her.

Hollywood scandal trivia: Katherine Heigl: A God Complex
Hollywood scandal trivia: Katherine Heigl: A God Complex

While promoting her movie “Knocked Up” with Seth Rogen in 2008, she began bad mouthing the film to the media, famously calling it “a little sexist” in a Vanity Fair interview. Her words caused a lot of people to question her integrity, many criticizing her for deciding to speak up against the movie only after having been paid millions to star in it. Heigl’s diva behaviour on set began to be a problem for many productions she worked on, and everything came to a head when she was nominated for an Emmy Award for her famous role as Dr Izzie Stevens in “Grey’s Anatomy”.

In an ultimate show of vanity, Heigl publicly demanded for her nomination to be withdrawn from the ceremony, claiming that “the material she was given this season was not good enough to warrant an Emmy nomination.” This did not go well for her. The criticism she faced for these comments led to her abrupt exit from the show, her character being written out of it the following season, and Katherine Heigl was blacklisted from Hollywood.

Since then, she has tried to achieve a comeback a few times, to no avail. She notably starred in a number of failed romantic comedies and TV shows, such as CBS’s “Doubt” in 2017, which was historically cancelled after only 2 episodes had aired. She eventually joined the cast of USA’s “Suits”, at a time when the show’s ratings were at an all time low. Unfortunately, the show ended a year later, and she returned to oblivion, where she has now been for over a decade.

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