One of the few Japanese Christmas films, this mature and heartfelt animated film tells the story of three homeless people, who find themselves facing an incredibly daunting challenge when they find a newborn baby abandoned in a dumpster. Their relationships and life choices are all put back into perspective as they navigate the streets of Tokyo at night, in a desperate attempt to find the baby’s parents.

Movie Trivia: The most popular movie "Tokyo Godfathers (2003)"
Movie Trivia: The most popular movie “Tokyo Godfathers (2003)”

Coming from director Satoshi Kon, who went on to be behind the legendary “Paprika” a few years later, “Tokyo Godfathers” is beautiful, emotional and powerful tale of identity and family, with a cast of characters that are incredibly attaching and feel like real people, thanks to the amazing writing. It is easily one of the most underrated Japanese animations ever made, and it showcases a part of Japanese culture that most people do not get to see.

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