In a futuristic totalitarian state founded after World War III, society has been reinvented — emotions have been deemed illegal and are suppressed through a daily injection of a drug. John Preston, a top officer of the state, accidentally misses one of his daily doses, triggering the gradual return of his emotions. The incident causes him to question his morals and the government’s true intentions, and he begins to experience the crushing guilt of letting his wife be executed after she was arrested for having emotions.

Movie trivia: The most popular movie "Equilibrium (2002)"
Movie trivia: The most popular movie “Equilibrium (2002)”

“Equilibrium” is a film that, an all accounts, was way ahead of its time. Full of clever social commentary, great acting (mainly from Christian Bale in the role of John Preston) and fantastic action sequences that involve a spectacular fictional martial art created just for the movie, it is without the shadow of a doubt the most overlooked science-fiction thriller in recent history. “Equilibrium” is a brilliant flick with amazing world building that more people need to know about.

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