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How acupuncture is treating diseases is still an unsolved mystery

How acupuncture is treating diseases is still an unsolved mystery-3trivia

Acupuncture is a unique means of treating diseases in China. Acupuncture focuses on the needle under the acupuncture points. The acupoints are some points on the human skin that have special feelings. The doctor uses a silver needle to stab your acupuncture points, and your body will have some corresponding feelings. There are more than 700 of these points in us, each of whom does its job and does not. After acupuncture into the acupoints, our body will feel sour, hemp, and bulging. These feelings are like marching along a certain route. These routes are called meridians in Chinese medicine.

In ancient China, there were many stories about using acupuncture to save people. The most famous one is that Bianque gave acupuncture to the prince who was mistaken and thought that he had died. He was brought back to life and saw the legend of his funeral. Then, can the concepts of acupoints, meridians and so on be explained by modern medical concepts?

According to TCM theory, the meridians are distributed throughout the body, including various organs, skin and muscles, just like a person's transportation system; and the acupoints are only part of the meridians, they are at the crossroads of this large transportation system. In fact, meridians and acupoints are invisible, they are different from blood vessels and nerves and can be clearly seen by anatomy. Therefore, some principles of traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture, modern medicine can not be fully explained.

Through various experiments, modern medicine has found that most of the acupoints in the human body are related to the nervous system. Many deep points have nerve bundles in the deep points; in addition, it is closely related to tissues such as blood vessels, lymphatic vessels and muscles. Many scholars hope to use Western medicine terms to name acupoints. However, the concepts of trigger points and movement points in Western medical terms are not exactly the same as acupoints. Therefore, it is difficult to name acupoints with Western medicine theory.

The relationship between acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine and meridians is extremely close, but people have been unable to understand. In the ancient times when science and technology were very underdeveloped, how did Chinese medicine discover the meridians? And what is the connection between meridians and acupuncture? This is still a difficult mystery for today's people.


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