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Does the blue blood race really exist? Living in a thin place for generations

Originally in 1735, the Swedish Lin Lin divided the world's races into four categories: American red, European white, Asian yellow, and African black. By 1775, a German named Bruenbacher proposed to divide the race into five species: Caucasian, Mongolian, Ethiopian, American, and Malay. However, modern people divide human race into three major species, namely, yellow, black, and white, in terms of human skin color, hair shape, and color. Recently, blue blood races have been discovered.

Does the blue blood race really exist? Living in a thin place for generations-3trivia
Does the blue blood race really exist? Living in a thin place for generations

John West, a physiologist at the University of California, went to Chile to investigate a mountain in the mountains at an altitude of 6,000 meters. Blue people belong to rare races and are closely related to their living environment. According to research, the newly discovered blue species have long adapted to the alpine life. They live in high-altitude mountainous areas, the air is thin, and the oxygen content is only one-half of the sea level. This is a world of snow and ice that is not snow all year round. Below minus 40 degrees. In order to obtain enough oxygen molecules for breathing, the body has to synthesize a large amount of heme, forming a situation of oversupply. Many hemoglobins are swarmed in blood vessels, and this person is painted with blue color.

According to the principle of physiology, even if the will is very strong, the highly trained mountaineers can only make a few weeks to reach the 6000 meters. This kind of blue species is a special kind of people who have gradually formed in this thin air and cold climate.

Some scientists have been inspired by animals with blue blood. They pointed out that in the ocean, there is a kind of big king Wu and horse foot crab blood is blue, while sea otter and cuttlefish blood is green. Thus, the color of the blood is determined by the substance elements contained in the blood cell proteins. The blood blue is called hemocyanin because it contains copper. The blood green is called hemoglobin because it contains vanadium. From this theory, it is not difficult to see that the blue race may be caused by the lack of iron in their blood and the excessive copper.

By analyzing the molecular genomes of the blue blood race, scientists found that the eighth and ninth pairs of their genes have mutated, so their blood appears blue, and this mutation is very likely It is a hemophilia caused by a close relative marriage.

There are also some blue-blooded people who appear to be blue because they eat too much silver. In 1966, a woman named Rosemary unfortunately became a blue-blooded person. When she was 11 years old in 1953, she prescribed a "magic drug" for her to treat a cold doctor. This magical drug contains a lot of silver powder. When I was 14 years old, someone said how you looked like that color? She stopped taking medicine, but it was too late.

In addition to the blue-blood race, there are such a group of green races on the African continent, about 3,000 people. This green race has always lived in isolated caves. This kind of green race is also a pathological state. The green skin is formed by the color of the microvessels under the skin.

In a deserted forest in Indonesia, a black-and-white man lives in his head like a white man, but his body is black. According to this feature, geneticists call them "squatters."

There is a saying in Costa Rica that if a person's blood is blue, it proves that he is a descendant of European dignitaries, but the researchers found that blue blood is not a symbol of power, it is just a very dangerous bleeding. Sexual family genetic disease.

In addition, it is worthy of our serious consideration that blue blood people are formed by normal humans, blood variability caused by their special living environment, and they may be a special kind of human being. Of course, this is true. Can not stand on the basis of blood variability. These two arguments are controversial. So far, the blue-blooded people have cast a vague vagueness in our vision.


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